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Adex Aerospace, Inc.
8141 E. Kaiser Blvd suite 112
Anaheim Hills, CA 92808
Tel: 714-280-0195   Fax: 714-276-0660
Contact: info@adexaero.com
Aircraft Electronics
Adex Aerospace as authorized distributor and a marketing representative of major aircraft and defense product manufacturers mainly in USA, England, France and Germany extents our marketing to U.S. armed forces and foreign military services.

Ade operates as a marketing force, working to develop new business opporutnties and achieve production programs successfully by managing proper human resources and technical expertise.
Aircraft Lighting
Adex maintains large number of inventories for major aircraft platforms including F-16 aircraft and distributes them worldwide.
Aircrft Bearings
Adex manage inventories for various types of bearings manufactured by RBC Bearings who comprises a number of manufacturing faculties throughout North America and Europte.
Aircraft Data Acquistion
Adex distributes data acquistion and instrumentation products developed byTelectronics Technology Corporation. TTC’s business is data acquisition instrumentation used in high-performance aircraft, missiles and aerospace, underwater and land vehicles.

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