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Adex Aerospace, Inc.
8141 E. Kaiser Blvd suite 112
Anaheim Hills, CA 92808
Tel: 714-280-0195   Fax: 714-276-0660
Contact: info@adexaero.com
Aircraft Electronics

Adex has developed and integrated avionics and electro-mechanical solutions on military aircraft
development, production and retrofit programs. By having alliance agreement with major aircraft parts
manufacturers worldwide, Adex provides technical assistance and efficient engineering solutions to customers.

Adex has offered a wide range of high quality aircraft electronics. Incorporating customers’ specific requirements into product development and supply processes,
Adex has become a reliable partner for aircraft development programs.

F-16 Aircraft
Adex has promoted NVIS friendly lightings for F-16 aircraft operated
by various countries.

T-50 Aircraft
Adex has been appointed as one of major contractor for the production of T-50 trainer aircraft in Korea.
Adex has engineered and developed 3” ATI flight instruments and electro-mechanical products for the program.
Adex has supplied following products for the development and production of T-50 aircraft.
Aircraft Lights
Inlet Navigation Lights
Formation Lights
Vertical Tail Flood Light
Anti-Collision Light Power Supply
Tail Navigation Light
Anti-Collision Light
Landing Light
Taxing Light
Wing Tip Light, L, R
Landing & Taxing Light
AOA Indexer
MISC Announciator
Flood Light
Cockpit Electronics
Electronic Flight Instruments
Standby Attitude Indicator
TAT Sensor

Canopy Actuator
Throttle Quad. Assy
Rudder Paddle (2 ea.)

KT-1 Trainer
Engineering team of Adex has leaded the development of KT-1 trainer, Korea, and promoted most of aircraft
electronics. Adex became the largest contractor for the program.
Adex has supplied following products for the development and production of KT-1.
Cockpit Electronics
Standby Attitude Indicators
Mach Airspeed Indicators
Airspeed Indicators
Vertical Velocity Indicators
AOA Indicator
Flap Position Indicator
Triple Trim Indicators
HYD Indicators
Oxygen Indicator
Approach Indexers
Flood Lights
Control Grips
Toggle Switches

AOA Vanes
TAT Sensors
Pressure Sensors

Warning Systems
Indicator – Fire
Indicator – Overheat
Indicator – Speed Brake
Indicator – Master
Aircraft Lights
Landing & Taxing Light
Navigation & Strobe Light
Rear Navigation Lights
Power Supply
Utility Light

Aircraft Electronics
UHF Antenna
VHF Antenna
Tacan Antenna
Antenna Gaskets

Surveillance UAV
Adex has supported most of electronics and electro-mechanical parts
for the Surveillance UAV program in Korea

Servo Actuators
Pitot Static Tube
Navigation Light
Rear Navigation Light
Ground Support Equipment

UH-60 Helicopter
Adex was appointed as a contractor who supplies flight instruments and lighting
for UH-60 helicopter production program in Korea.

Airspeed Indicator
Engine Blower
Search Light
Position Light
Navigation Light

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