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Adex Aerospace, Inc.
8141 E. Kaiser Blvd suite 112
Anaheim Hills, CA 92808
Tel: 714-280-0195   Fax: 714-276-0660
Contact: info@adexaero.com
Antenna Systems
Adex is a leading manufacturer and integrator of telemetry equipment and tracking antenna system. Adex has integrated extensive range of tracking antenna systems for both fixed station and mobile station.
Adex’s dual-axis auto track antenna system is consisted with following major assemblies.
  • A pedestal which operates at a maximum wind load of 60 MPH
  • A composite reflector
  • Antenna Control Unit with touch screen display
  • Pedestal Interface Unit
  • Conical Scan Feed
  • Fiber Optic Interface Control
pedestal with multiple pieces of composite refelector, antenna control unit, pedestal interface unit, conical scan feed
The feed assembly is a compact assembly containing all RF components housed
insided a sealed enclosure and suspended from the parabolic reflector by the feed dome.
The phase center of the L/S-band feed assembly is mounted at the focus of the parabola.
Adex also offers C-Band feed which is interchangeable with existing L&S band feed.
The pedestal assembly consists of harmonic drive dual axis (elevation-over-azimuht)
rotator assembly.
Azimuth and elevation harmonic drive gearboxes
A riser base assembly to mount the rotator assembly
Integrated motor servo amplifier assemblies with encoders
Thermostatically controller pedestal hearter assembly
Integrated interconnect harnesses for power, signal and RF data
Adex has built dynamic design customized to meet the specific requirement of each program.

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