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Adex Aerospace, Inc.
8141 E. Kaiser Blvd suite 112
Anaheim Hills, CA 92808
Tel: 714-280-0195   Fax: 714-276-0660
Contact: info@adexaero.com
Products for Aircraft
Adex Aerospace develops and manufactures advanced components and modules/subsystems/systems for the defense electronics and aerospace industries. Adex is dedicated to researching and implementing enhancements for our electronics or developing new products. Our engineering ability and experiences allow us to develop the most accurate, reliable and durable solutions.
Air Data Sensor
Adex manufactures air data modules and pitot static tubes for UAV and missile
programs. Our air data sensing units are engineered to meet or exceed military specifications .
Antenna Gasket
Adex manufactures antenna gaskets consisted of highly conductive metal film
specifically contoured to provide multi-point metal to metal contact, thus reducing
RF circulatory currents.
Battery Charger
Adex offers PC-150 battery charger which provides economical and uncomplicated
maintenance for any battery that can be charged using constant current or constant
potential, including vented nickel-cadmium and vented or sealed lead-acid aircraft
Analog Instrument
Adex manufactures analog instruments designed with mechanical movements
for KT-1 trainer aircraft.

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