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Adex Aerospace, Inc.
8141 E. Kaiser Blvd suite 112
Anaheim Hills, CA 92808
Tel: 714-280-0195   Fax: 714-276-0660
Contact: info@adexaero.com
Telemetry Equipment
Adex has developed major telemetry equipment to meet the specific requirements of each client.
Adex offers turn-key solutions in integration of telemetry system.
Telemetry Receiver
The Broadband Radio Telemetry Receiver/Combiner is a dual, multi-band RF receiver
with multi-mode digital demodulator and diversity combining.
Digital signal processing for each channel includes automatic gain control (AGC),
automatic frequency control (AFC) and programmable demodulation for FM, PM,
BPSK, and QPSK. A spectral display feature is also provided.
Best Source Selector
The Best Source Selector is equipped with two dual-channel bit synchronizers,
accepts 8 inputs, which are routed to 8 outputs based on the continuous elevation
of the frame sync lock status of all sources. The BSS is ideal for users requiring
automatic evaluation and selection of a Best Source of telemetry data.
Bit Synchronizer
The dual channel bit synchronizers handles the PCM streams to the data
recording system.
Radio Switch Modules & Radio Control Modules
Adex developed the Radio Switch Modules and Control Modules to maximize
the performance of the telemetry integration.

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